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5 Reasons to Hire Professional Restaurant Pest Control Services

Restaurants, bars and cafés are plagued with rodents, flies, ants, and cockroaches. Repetitive customer complaints of live insects, dead flies, or even body parts found inside their meal can in due course cause the business to shut down. More than ever, if the case is brought to the notice of a Restaurant Health Inspector.

Pest infested restaurants are not only offensive to health conscious customers but can also be used by competitors to make themselves more attractive. It is vital that your restaurant remains clear of pest infestations to safeguard both your patron’s health and also your business.

Anyone who has seen a rodent scurry across their table or ate with spider webs dangling above them know they are never coming back. These infestations can ruin your business reputation. They create an uncomfortable environment for your patrons and damage your goodwill.

What’s the most effective and cheapest way of eliminating unwanted pests? The answer is not at your hardware store!

Professional Restaurant Pest Control Services
Professional Restaurant Pest Control Services

For a Safe and Lasting pest Extermination you need to hire Professional Restaurant Pest Control Services.

  • Health and Well-Being of Customers

On top of being unappetizing to look at, these pests carry many hazardous diseases. They can expose your loyal customers to food poisoning. For instance, rodent food infestation can give rise to Lassa fever, LSM, rat-bite fever, and many other harmful conditions. Similarly, cockroaches carry salmonella and E coli bacteria on their bodies. These can trigger and intensify many health issues related to asthma and allergies.

  • Permanent and Effective Pest Removal

Restaurant pest control services are experienced in eliminating numerous types of pests including rodents, spiders, ants, cockroaches, and fleas.

They use various chemicals and baits that are required to pull out and eliminate different types of pests. Their licensed restaurant pest control technicians know the safe chemicals. They use their experience to decide appropriate dosages of chemicals to apply. These professionals determine when and where infestations most occur.

The advantage of hiring restaurant pest control service is that their experts have the skill and training to identify different types of pest infestations. On the basis of quick analyses they can determine the best method to eliminate them. There are many pest control companies which provide specialised restaurant pest control services. Most companies use green and organic pest control methods. On the other hand, some of them use poisoned baits which are dipped in chemicals or lead into a trap. These are more effective but require certain level of expertise to implement.

  • Locating the Source of Infestation

You can try to eliminate these pests by yourselves as many times as you want. But they will keep coming back. Why? Because you aren’t addressing the primary source of their infestation. Professional restaurant pest control services maximize the lasting and effect of pest control treatments by locating the source of pest infestation.

Many more infestations are likely to occur if you remove pests but don’t locate their source. These sources bring and spread them across your restaurant. Professional restaurant pest control experts can easily determine the main cause of your infestation. They are trained to find specific sources and eliminate them to prevent any future invasions.

  • Preventing Long Term Damage

The cost of hiring professional restaurant pest control services can actually save you a lot more than you spend. Pests and rodents can damage the carpets, floors, furniture, and rugs. This will eventually force you to spend thousands of dollars to repair or replace them. Moreover, you will end up losing a lot more money if a customer finds a dead fly or cockroach in his food.

Rather, why not pay a professional to save both time and money? Licensed experts can effectively and quickly remove all kinds of pest infestations.

Professional Pest Control Service
Professional Pest Control Service
  • Cheap and Cost Effective

The overall cost of professional pest control service depends on the size of your restaurant. They also depend on type of pests and severity of the infestation.

The experts at Angie’s List reported that by spending near about $300 you can actually prevent future losses of thousands. Average cost of pest control treatment range between $150 and $500.

You can also get heavy discounts on contracts with exterminators. These are usually provided with treatment of your restaurants at periodic intervals throughout the year. Average price for periodic pest treatment ranges from $50 to $100 for every quarter.

Remember, the next customer who finds a cockroach in your food might just be a health inspector. So it’s better to be on the safe side with VIP Pest Management rather than risk losing your business license. Call VIP Pest Management today at  03 4014 9988 to schedule a free inspection of your restaurant.

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