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All you Need to Know About Flea Pest Control

Fleas are a typical issue in homes, particularly those with pets. You may find an issue with fleas regardless of whether you don’t have pets in the case if there are pest near your place or the earlier owners of your property kept any hairy pets.

Fleas may likewise be carried on other, particularly on the hairy animals or pets like the rabbits, foxes, fleas, mice and animals, for example, pigs. Hence you may require services from Flea Pest Control VIP Pest Management to get rid of the same.

Flea Pest Control
Flea Pest Control

More Information About Fleas

As parasites, the biggest concern about their presence is their bites. An average flea can range in size from 7 to 8 inches vertically and 14 to 16 inches horizontally. Skin response to a flea bite shows up as a slightly raised and red itchy spot. Whereas sometimes the sores can bleed out too.

Fleas are little organisms which can’t be observed with naked eyes, hence people who work with Flea Pest Control companies such as  VIP Pest Management can help you to identify them. The eggs multiply themselves within the layers of Pet’s hair. They get here and there from Furniture to the rugs laying at home. Typically, Fleas can nearly 20 eggs at once, that counts to 400 eggs within a day . The period of hatching to an adult is nearly 14 days, that means if it is left untreated than can turn to be a dangerous pest at home.

They feed on almost anything they get in touch with from an organic mattress to the nearby ground decoratives where your pet considers a bath in his day to day routine.. The hatchlings require dampness and hence can flourish within a short span period of time. To get rid of them , one requires to detect them early and ensure a Flea Pest Control done as soon as it is detected.

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Recognising Flea Infestation

We know that Flea mainly attacks pets. They get stuck with the skin of the pet and suck their blood which has a huge impact on their health. We can recognise it by observing these:

  • If your pet is having itching and scratching in the hair, the red spots of blood in the hair as well as the red spot on the skin.
  • Identifies them when you see them.
  • Run a comb through the hair of the pet and if there will be flea then you will have an obstruction in doing so.

Safety and Preventive Measures to Stop Flea Infestations in The House

The most widely recognized safety measures to be taken for dispensing with and counteracting such for Flea Pest Control are followings:

  • To keep your spaces neat and clean
  • Evacuate all things, for example, toys, garments and pet sustenance from all floors
  • Wash or replace the pet bedding
  • Vacuum all floor coverings and mats completely, including underneath beds and upholstered furniture.
  • Clean all wood, tile and tile floors by clearing and wiping.
  • Clean solid floors with cleanser and water in the garage, basement, or enclosed patio where pets rest or sit.
  • Get rid of any mess around the pet’s area.
  • Regular vacuuming evacuates a significant number of the eggs, larvae, and pupae growing inside the home

Professional Flea Extermination

We have a skilled and talented team of professionals in the field of Flea Pest Control services in which we generally utilize the non-toxic, maintainable, and ecologically safe methods and tools which all are 100% safe and secure for your family and employees.

We will guarantee to give you a flea free climate with the goal that your family can breathe in a risk-free conditions.

Our team works 24*7 to make a healthy environment for your employees as well as for your family.

Professional Flea Extermination
Professional Flea Extermination

The Flea Extermination Programs which We Offers are of Two Types Such As:

  1. Chemical Treatment Program
  2. Flea Control Spray Treatment Extermination

Our experts will visit your place and then can guide you the best and permanent treatment from the Flea issues.

We also provide a proper follow-up service to our clients which will reduces the chances of Flea Infestation in the near future at your home .

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