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Different Type Of Ants And Harms Of Their Infestations

There are more than 12,000 species of ants. Not all are severe but most of the ant bite is painful. And not all these species of ants invade our homes but few types of them do. Ant infestation is a serious concern. Once they are inside your house can spread themselves everywhere in search of food and water. Ants can get to any place from your kitchen to beds.

And usually, they are found near those areas where there are tiny food particles presented. Ants bites are quite painful and leave red marks over the area they sting. Ants do not cause any severe disease but still, their presence is enough to get you in trouble. therefore, calling an Ant Control Services company is really imperative.

Here are The Few Common Types Of Ants 

  • Field ant (Formica)
  • Acrobat ants (Crematogaster)
  • Fire Ants
  • Nuisance Ants
  • Carpenter Ants
  • Mound-building Ants
  • Dark rover ants (Brachymyrmex patagonicus)
  • Carpenter ants (Camponotus).

Harms They Cause

  • Ants can become big trouble once they get inside your kitchen. They can contaminate all types of unpacking stored food items. And once they reach your kitchen stocks the only thing you can do after is by throwing the food in the dustbin.
  • Ants are bad for everyone, whether you are an adult, kid or women. And usually, bite humans in self-defence. They even can bother your pets. 
  • Ants can spread bacteria and other diseases such as Salmonella, Smallpox and Dysentery.
  • Ants occur in a large number that can scare you as well. The larger the infestation is more problem you face.
  • Fire ants are the most dangerous. Their bite is very painful and can leave red marks that remain on the body for more than 2 weeks. 

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