Flea Pest Control

There are many types of pests which cause severe health problems and make your home to look dirty when enter in your homes. Some of the common pests which annoys you as well as your pets are the fleas.  Fleas are the small insects that are found in the skin of the pets, carpets etc.

Moreover these fleas  cause severe skin problems in case of humans.  In this case, there are many flea control companies which helps in controlling fleas; and make your home look clean. One who wants to get rid of the fleas and want to have clean environment can contact pest control as they provide services for flea control. These companies have their own methods which are as follows:

Flea Pest Control

 Flea Infestation

Flea is the diminutive pests which have no wings skipping insect which suck on the blood of mammals and birds. It scarcely spreads contagions through its bite. But they can be a nuisance to your pets. So call the expert of VIP Pest Management promptly.

How Flea Infestation can Affect your well-Being?

Flea bites can affect your health it usually causes soreness, sensitivities, infections and hair loss. Hence, It is advisable to hire a professional pest control service promptly.

Look for the Signs of Flea Infestation

  • Itchings, Fleas suck out the blood of your pets just to fill their necessity of starvation.
  • Unnatural Reddish dots.
  • Hair Loss.
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Methods to Control and Remove Flea Infestation

  • Use of flea dips – This the simple method adopted by the flea control companies. These are the chemical treatments like in the form of powders which are rinsed on the pets to prevent the entry of the flea to their body.  This chemical lasts for around two weeks in which it causes the killing and removal of the flea from the body of the pets.
  • Applying Pesticides – This is the physical method of the flea control; in which they use the non-toxic diatomaceous earth which is released by the professional exterminator to spread it in your homes to kill the adult fleas and their larvae. These pesticides are left overnight  and then when fleas and adults get killed then cleaning of the home is done using a vacuum.
  • Use of Flea pills – The flea control companies give injection having these pills to the pets. After  giving this medication when the animal ingests the fleas and when it comes in contact with the  medication then are unable to hatch the eggs; and in this way, the population is reduced. This method is opted in case if one wants to not opt for toxic methods of pest control.
  • Use of vacuum machines – This is the best method in which vacuum machines are used to control and remove the fleas from the homes. This is done by using the machine with a certain pressure of the air which ultimately collects the larvae, eggs, adults of the flea.  Therefore helps in their removal. This type of pest control service for flea pest control Service is done  with the interval of 3 months.
  • Use of insect growth regulators – This is another method in which the things in the homes like pet bedding, carpets and furniture covers are treated with the indoor insect growth regulators and then left for few hours. After that the flea in the homes get completely killed. Thus, these regulators avoid the hatching of eggs of the fleas.


The information given above gives an idea about the different methods for control of fleas adopted by the flea control companies. For the ones who want to get rid of fleas can adopt to pest control services for flea control. We at VIP Pest Management give our 100% to bring our customers complete satisfaction with our pest control services in Melbourne.

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