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How to get Rid of Rats

Often we get disturbed by the noises and presence rats in our homes. We try different techniques to swipe them away but it becomes more and more difficult to swipe them away. However, it is also necessary to get rid of them because they spread sickness through their dirty feet and urine in the house. Mice usually live in the darkness as they are afraid of lights. The presence of rats also destroys the wisdom of the people present in the house. Knowing these things, would not you want to get rid of them? So let’s discuss little easy ways to route the rats out of your house.

Should We Kill them or Swipe them alive?

First of all you will need to think whether you want to kill these rats or you want to swipe them away. To kill them, you can use Rat poison which is easily available in the medical stores. If the dead body of the rat is not removed immediately, then bad odor starts coming out of it. To get rid of rats, you can also use the glue board; it is a flat, sticky wooden piece on which the mice are stuck, until you remove them. Use the glue board only if you don’t intend to kill your rat. Using it you can throw the rats far away from your house.

How to Get Rid of Rats Naturally

Although there are many pesticides available to get this job done but most of them are harmful for our human body. In such cases, it becomes important for us to know some natural ways of kicking rats away.

  • Red Chilly– The red chilly used in the food is the best and effective solution for rats. At places from where rats have more chances to come at your home, keep the powder of red chilies at that place.
  • Sanitization and Cleaning: To get rid of rats, sanitization and cleaning of the house are very important. Because when the house is dirty or food is not sealed properly then it might attract rats to penetrate your house. Rats are known for spreading diseases when they bite hence, it is important to block all the openings and keep the house and kitchen clean to prevent rat infestation. moreover, you can go for an expert rat control service.
  • Peppermint– You can use peppermint at your home to get rid of rats. Rats are allergic to the smell of peppermint. Therefore, to keep the rat away, keep the peppermint in the form of cotton ball in every corner of the house. The rats will leave the place immediately after having its smell. Also, take a pinch of the mint leaves or flowers and keep it near the rat bill or near the place of arrival. The mice will run away immediately after having its smell.

Disease Rats Could Cause:

Diseases Caused By Rats

Diseases Caused By Rats

Plague- Plague is like a pandemic, which usually spreads by rats. This disease spreads at a very fast pace. In this disease the toxic substances dissolve in the patient’s blood, causing him a strong fever. Apart from this, headaches, body fatigue, acute pain in whole body, frequent urination are the main symptoms of this disease.

Hire a Professional to get Rid of Rats

It becomes difficult at times to get rid of rats the natural way. They make their homes in most unexpected places and hide in most unknown corners of your house. Its especially during night that they start playing havoc in your house and can even be the reason of some deadly diseases. Hence, it is important to get rid of rats as soon as possible. Hire professionals who are experts in such services. If you are confused about which one to choose from, then we are there to help you out. VIP Pest Management is expert when it comes to rat clearing services. Our experts take the responsibility of  making your homes rat free. Contact us anytime as we are available 24*7 to serve you. We also specialize in all kind of Pest control related services. We thrive for customer satisfaction and never compromise with the quality. Give us a call and make your home disease free instantly. We are always there for your help.

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