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How to Identify Termite Larvae?

Termites are one among those dangerous pests that can damage the foundation and structure of your home or building. You can find whether the building is infested or not with the presence of this termite larvae. This termite larvae insect can be identified with the help of their shape, size, and color. These pests are found mostly with worker termites, especially deep inside the termite colonies.

If you have a doubt of identifying termite larvae then here are few ways through which you can identify termite larvae,

  1. Firstly you will have to examine the termite larvae. Termite larvae are soft skinned pest with six legs. The outer shell will be very soft. The head of the termite larvae will be distinct from the body part. Termite larvae are very similar to worker and nymph termites in looks. But you can differentiate them in terms of body size. These termite larvae are smaller in size when compared to the worker and nymph termites.
  2. You may find termites are similar to normal ants also sometimes, but the termite body is smooth and straight but not narrow like ants. Termites possess an antenna which will look absolutely straight.
  3. You can also find the termite larvae with their color. Termite larvae are white in color and they look almost translucent. Some of the termites are white in color and have a dark colored head; they are called as soldier termite.
  4. You can also find the termite larvae by measuring them. These termite larvae are less than 2.5 mm in length. The adult larvae are found to be 6.4 mm in length. The eggs of these termite larvae are very small and they are also white in color. It is very difficult to identify the termite larvae eggs as they lay their eggs in invisible corners.
  5. It is better to check the termites in the corners, in the colony, the rarely used places in your home, windows, doors, wardrobe and you will have to the basements, under the porch and the door frame places. Termites are found mostly in deep pores of walls and they stay invisible for many days, hence it is very important to check all the places deeply and properly to avoid these termite larvae.

    Termites Pest Control Melbourne

    Termites Pest Control Melbourne

  6. You can check whether the termite larvae are in the deep pores of the walls. You can use a screwdriver to gently tap the wall. If you hear any hollow or rustling noise from the wall then you can confirm that they are termite larvae in the pores of the walls.
  7. Termites will build the mud tubes for them to travel. Hence if you find any mud tubes in the colony, then you can confirm that there are termite larvae existing there. You will have to break that mud tube and get rid of those termite larvae. In case if you break the mud tube and still if you didn’t see any termite larvae then it may be building the mud tubes somewhere else. So it is better to clean all the places properly.

If you feel it is very hard to identify the termite larvae, then you can call up the Professionals Pest Control Melbourne to help you in getting rid of those termite larvae.

Call the Professionals

The larvae of termite are very small and the colour of it is such that they are almost invisible. You can not see them easily. It is also known that their larvae are found in the soil minor holes. To look into them we need to have the professionals of Pest Control Service. Professionals have safety equipment as well as training for doing this work. You can come to VIP Pest Management to hire the best professionals for the service.

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