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How to keep away possums from your yard

Possums are a peaceful creature, they play a significant role in ecology by being a scavenger animal. However, sometimes infected with a certain disease they become aggressive. But there’s no serious risk if possums are residing in your yard with a small population. They’ll eat insects, decaying plants and fruits and keep your yard clean. The problem arrives when they’re heavily infested, it might become a problem. They carry disease like tuberculosis, leptospirosis, relapsing fever, tularemia, spotted fever, toxoplasmosis, coccidiosis, trichomoniasis, and Chagas. Well, you don’t need to do a PhD, just understand these diseases are not good for humans.

Setting up a motion alarm

Installing a motion alarm would scare the possums. When they came across the sensor, the alarm will activate and scare the possums.

You can choose a water sprinkler motion alarm. It’ll scare more by throwing water on them. This will make them go away.

Setting up a box trap

A cage trap would capture the possum. Put some food item inside the cage and leave it for a night, they’ll fall for it and end up being imprisoned.

Possums Box Trap

Possums Box Trap

Make sure the box trap you’re choosing is big enough. A small trap may not large enough to provide space for entrance.

Prevent them from coming to your yard or garden

Do not leave your trash open, close it tightly. Feed your pet inside your house, the remaining food is eaten by the possum. Clean the fruits, which might have fallen from the tree. These fruits feed the possum and they take shelter in your yard.

Buy commercial possum spray

Spraying commercial spray over your yard would make the possum go away. But read the label first, too much consistency of spray might damage your plants. You can make your own spray by using some household items. Fresh garlic paste and hot water make good possum deterrent spray. Spreading mothball in the yard would also make possum go away, they can’t tolerate the smell.

Call in professionals

Possums Pest Control Melbourne

Possums Pest Control Melbourne

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