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How To Spot Rodents, Rats or Mice In Your Home?

Rodents or mice have been living along with side humans since the dawn of human civilization. It is highly likely that there is a live rat or mouse around your home right now. Rodents are known carriers of many dangerous diseases causing pathogens and germs. Rodents and mice not only spread germs but they can also bite and cause diseases. Many life-threatening diseases and illnesses are caused by the pathogens dispersed by rodents like the plague, rat bite fever, hantavirus pulmonary syndrome etc. Rat or rodent infestations can also cause you severe monetary and structural losses. Rats or rodents will damage your property and belongings as well. 

It is highly advisable that you hire professional pest control services for rodent extermination. There can be some signs mice infestations and rodent infestations in your homes that you can look out for. In this blog, we are going to provide you with some common signs that you can watch out for that proof that your home has mice infestation or rodent infestation. Call Same Day Pest Control Services if you happen to witness any of these common signs.

Pest Control Services
Pest Control Services

Common Signs of Rodent Infestations and Mice Infestations


The most obvious and common sign of rodent infestation can be the leftovers of droppings left by rats or mice. You can look out for these droppings where food is stored like kitchen cabinets or pantries. Mouse droppings can also be found under kitchen sinks, inside chewed cardboard boxes, cupboards or lavatories. Always wear protective gloves when cleaning these faeces and droppings as they are contagious and can also contaminate your home floorings and spread germs all around your home.

Teeth and Gnaw Marks

Rodents can cause severe damage to your property and belong by constantly biting and chewing them. You can look for chew, bite or gnaw marks on almost any place or thing where they inhabit or infest.  Cupboards, pipes, cardboard boxes, kitchen cabinets, food storage boxes are common things where you can see visible gnaw marks. Visible signs of gnaw marks are a clear indication of the presence of rodents or mice in your homes.

Nests or Other Habitats

Rodents and mice like to inhabit closed and secluded areas where there is no chance of disturbance. Mice especially like to build their nest by using things like cotton, paper, packing material and fabric, If you happen to see these material scattered around your home or if there are damaged paper or cotton or fabrics then chances are your place is infested by mice. Rodents may also move around your home through cracks and often live in your attics, backyards, garages and undisturbed location.

Rodent Pest Control Services
Rodent Pest Control Services

Track Marks

Rodents are dirty, slimy and greasy creatures as they crawl and sneak in between wet and moist areas. So when they move throughout your home they will leave a trail behind, They wet and oily fur and tail will leave a trail mark which you can look out for. You can also watch out for their paw and foot marks as well.

Strange Noises at Night

You can also observe and listen to strange noises coming from your house at night. As the mice and rodents will come out looking for food, they will scratch and bite which will create a sound which you can listen to.

Live Rat or Mouse

The last and most obvious sign is watching or looking at a live rat or mouse in your home. If you want to check for mouse infestation or rodent infestation then turn on the light at night in your backyard, garage, kitchen or attic, if you accidentally see a live rat or mouse then call professional pest control services right away.

Professional Pest Control Services
Professional Pest Control Services

Hire Professional Assistance

Our Vip Pest Management company is a certified and licensed pest control service in town. We provide our customers with all kinds of Professional Pest Control in Perth including rodent and mice control service. With years of training and experience, we have developed modern and advanced techniques of catching, trapping and exterminating any number of rats, mice or rodents from your property. 

Our professional pest controllers are highly trained and experienced individuals that can eradicate rodent infestation within a few hours. We use all kinds of modern equipment and tools to deliver the best rodent control and mice control service for yours. We will deliver the best and effective rodent extermination and Rodent Control Service for you at affordable costs any day anytime.

Jack Brown is not just a pest controller but he has big hands in writing articles and blogs for the pest control industry. He has been part of the professional pest control training sessions and more. So, he is a certified man for your help.